Compare Listings

Planning to Sell?

  • Price it Right

    We will perform a current market analysis of your home.  We will take a close look at the sales of similar homes that have closed in the past 90 days and take the number of available listings into account when an asking price is agreed upon.

  • Boost Curb Appeal

    Wash the exterior, paint, install siding, repair or replace the roof, nurture your landscape, build a fence, and stay on top of maintenance.

    Tip: Homes painted unusual shades may be appraised lower if they don’t fit in with comparable homes on the market.

  • Market Debut

    Pricing you home competitively from the get-go increases the odds of a quick sale.  If your home is priced too high when it hits the market, you run the risk that active, qualified buyers will look right past it.

  • Reputable Tradespeople

    Tap into my network of reputable tradespeople in our area.  Give me a call!

  • Helpful Tip

    If you must sell your current home to afford a new one, consider putting it on the market before starting your search.  You can often negotiate a better deal on a purchase if your property is under contract or you already have the cash in hand.

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